Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bunny Cell Phone Case

I have wanted one of these babies since Zooey Deschanel had one on the New Girl.  

So I went looking for them online the other day and found this ebay seller and got it for under $5 (free shipping).  So, yeah, I'm a little stoked!
 It has a fluffy bunny tail!
 That it can stand up on!
And bunny ears that are obviously the cutest.  I mean, Instagram selfies never looked so good!
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I even downloaded some Hello Kitty/pink bubbles/coloured polka dot wallpapers to add to the overall adorableness of the whole thing.



  1. FUNNY! I saw that on the show and loved that she had it! I bet that looks super funny in your jeans pocket

    1. Nevermind the's the fluffy tail that is really the clincher! But it's so cute and I get so many compliments that it's totally worth it. Plus, I hardly wear pants with pockets anyway.