Monday, February 25, 2013

Things I've Bought & Liked

Hey ya'll!  I did some shopping and found some rad things I'd like to share.  Here they are:
 Periwinkle shirt from Costco (the brand is Dahlia).  It was under $10 and is made of the nicest slinky cottonish material and has these really nice buttons at the sleeves.  I wore it with my higher waisted black "leather" skirt and it looked really polished.
 Look at these rose gold sandals from Forever 21.  When is summer coming so I can wear them!?
 Also from Forever 21 these are wedge sneakers and they are sooooo cute! So cute.  I'll wear them with my black waxed skinnies or some denim skinnies (of which I need to get new ones--any suggestions?)
 I read a lot about this book and so ordered it from the library.  It's great.  It's a parenting book that is enjoyable and easy to read (an oxymoron usually).  It's about how French parenting is different and more laid back then American/Westernized "helicopter" parenting and French kids are better behaved and more well-adjusted because of it.  I think I like it because it really aligns with my own parenting sensibilities and makes me feel less bad about not being that parent at the party that's down on the floor entertaining their kids the whole time.  Go play!
 These are Guess Daredevil Bootcuts.  They are amaze.  That is all.
And a new workout top from Winners to spurn on my fitness regime.  I mean, you can't get fit if you look like shit.  I'm a poet and I didn't know it!
And also these pants.  Another Forever 21 find.  They are a bit crazy but I love  them.  They are a nice weight and have a proper trouser waist band (buttons and fly etc.) and I think they are pretty special.  I'll post a OOTD soon to show you how I styled them.

Happy Monday and stay tuned for my take on Oscar fashion.

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