Monday, February 25, 2013

Roxanne's On Her Soap Box Again

I just went to one of my favorite sites to visit today (Cup of Jo) and she posted about taking her son to the beach and not having a swimsuit and therefore letting him go nude (he's 2).  People whispered and some were uncomfortable so she felt better putting his diaper back on and letting him play in that.
She then asked her readers if this is a do or a don't?
This is what I posted:

Our society is so weird in North America! This would never be an issue in Europe or South America!! It's a baby! It's a naked body! Hello, how beautiful! And normal! And guess what, everyone's naked under their clothes!
It's totally ok for tweens to have push up bras and wear stamped-sized shorts and skirts but a naked baby at the beach? Shocker!
I think it's awesome for children to see other children naked and see that they have the same things going on or that the opposite sex has other things going on and it's no big deal.
This is part of the reason why we have unprepared people getting pregnant or having difficult/scary sexual altercations: no one has a clue what's going on underneath and it's because of the lack of something as simple as casual nakedness in childhood.
As for people worried about pedophiles: they are out there no matter what and you have to look after your kids no matter what. Them being clothed or naked is not stopping or spurning on these sick people.

I encourage you to read the post and then the responses from other people.  Some are very educated and thought-provoking.
What do you think?


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