Friday, February 1, 2013

Potty Training: No Where Near!

One of my subscribers (SuperStarStef) kindly recommend some post ideas for this blog.  Much appreciated!  One of her suggestions was a Potty Training post as I have a daughter who is 5 (who is obviously potty trained!) and a 2.4 month old who should be well on his way to being potty trained as well.
Except he isn't.  Not even close.  He won't even go near the thing!
We have 2 little potties

 which I've decorated with wall decals from the dollar store
that I thought would be inviting/friendly for Jack (my son).
I have also gotten him one of those little seats that go on the regular toilet

and even put a car sticker on the top of the main-floor bathroom toilet lid.  No go.
I just don't think he has any interest as he does not even really have control yet.  If he pees in the bath he always kind of looks confused, like he doesn't know what's going on...?
And when I put him near any of the potties or the toilet, he screams and cries and carries on.  There are obviously children at my daycare that are his age or younger who are almost completely potty trained (maybe some Pull-ups at nap time or if their mom is taking them for a long shopping trip) and they are doing awesome.  I ask them frequently if they need to go potty and if it's been a few hours, I might set them on one even if they say 'No."  I've learned the hard way about that (last week I had two girls piss all over my floor and one of them shit themselves in their sleep and got a pee/poo mixture all over one of the daycare beds--yikes).  But, overall, great.
I am not pushing Jack and not going to worry too much about it.
Over the Christmas holidays we got rid of his "Lula" (soother/pacifier) and we are now working on losing the baba (bottle) which he is pretty attached to still.  So, we have other fish to fry, as they say.
But, I'll for sure keep ya'll posted and if you guys have any tip or tricks for me, please let me know.
It felt like Ava (my 5 year old) took forever to train but it was not long at all (what was I worried about?)  She was for sure in Pull-ups by now and hardly ever having accidents.  I started at 18 months with her and although it was slow-going, by 2 she was pretty well potty trained and by 2.5 she was good-to-go with no accidents or anything. We rewarded her with a sucker, we had a star board every time she went on she would get a sticker and she loved this book:
So, she was just a rockstar.  It really had nothing to do with us.  She was very mature for her age.  Jack is...not (sorry buddy!)
Good luck to all you potty-trainers out there and maybe this post from Cup of Jo might help you too?



  1. damn now I have nothing to read tonight as I have been intrigued as to when this story would appear and of course I decided to check now .. and couldn't wait to read it! arrgh... so I had wanted to know a little more about how you started with Ava.. like whether you let her run around naked or asked her every five minutes? .. guess I'll be calling you in the next few days... thanks for the awesome blog that helps me during over night feeds! xo

  2. I know Ava was in daycare at the time and I am sure the daycare lady (who was a Saint and the best lady in the world) asked her tons and let her run around in her bathing suit in backyard (it was right before Ava turned two when we started and it was summer). Plus there were other kids pottying in at same time and Ava is totally the type of kid to want to do what other/older kids are doing. We bought Jack superhero undies, he has tons of potties, all the other kids are potty training at his house and he could care less. To each there own!