Monday, February 25, 2013

Ava's Forever 21 Haul!

My daughter Ava is 5 (going on 35) and she keeps seeing packages roll in for me and her Granny and she wanted to get in on the action.  So I went onto my favorite fast fashion site Forever 21 (cheap clothes/free shipping...hello!) and got her a few items from the Girls Sale section.  Here they are:
 A purple sequin skirt! Very cute.
 This mint green sequin hoodie had to be worn right away.  Finally something that isn't pink and at $12.99 it was the priciest item on this list and will probably be worn the most (I'm thinking it will be the go-to hoodie for summer).  Total no brainer.
 Not a great pic but this is a black tulle "tutu" with a sequin waistband.  Sensing a trend?  Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles!  And Ava is all about a tutu...and every skirt is a tutu to her.
A pink princess dress with tulle underlay.  HELLO!
 Ava lives in stretch pants/tights.  We usually get her the little lace bottom ones from Old Navy but I thought these jazzed-up ones were cute for a change.  The pink ones have sequins down the side and the black ones are covered in little "diamonds"...what's not to love?
 This skirt is so beautiful.  It's a thick jaquard over fine tulle in this delcious creamy vanilla colour.  Very high class! It won't fit her until next year but when it does...oh my!
And of course the obligatory Paris shirt (it seems that all little girl clothes makers are obsessed with the Parisian theme right now) but 'round here we always worship the Eiffel Tower and the fact that the text is in French (Ava is in French Immersion) is parfait!


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