Sunday, May 8, 2011

Favorite Summer Beauty Products

1) Nivea Soft. Ok, Nivea is just classic beauty. Ask any Brit woman worth her salt and she'll tell you why her skin's so smooth and soft. I usually go for the classic dark blue Nivea but it's too heavy in the summer so I get the Soft version. Bonus: It's cheap enough to slather you from top to toe.
2) Naturale Beauty Mineral Foundation. I love powdered mineral foundation in the summer because it's light and lets my freckles peek through.
3) MAC Blacktrack. If you like to control your liquid liner this is the way to do it. Apply it with a brush to make it as thick or thin as you like.
4) I can't wear lipstick. It just looks terrible on me. So, lip stains are my favorite! This Joe Sheer Lipstain in Pink Rose is beautiful and light.
5) Joe creamy blush in Bloom. It's the hot pink one in the middle. It's amazeballs and cheeeeeeeap!
6) Clinique High Impact Mascara. I have a lot of mascaras (always trying new ones to plump up and elongate my pitiful lashes) and this is my favorite for day.
7) Bio Oil. I slather this on before my face cream as I have extremely dry skin. The bonus is it's really settled down a small scar I had beside my eye and my (ahem) "fine lines." It also gives you a beautiful dewey complection under powder and works as a primer under liquid foundation.
8) And to take it all off I use No7 Gentle Cleanser. You can use water to rinse or a dry cotton swab when you just don't want to get your face wet.
Here's to being beautiful!

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