Monday, May 23, 2011

Packing For Saskatoon/Easy Summer Style

Well, I'm going to Saskatoon on Friday and I already packed up the kids and did all the laundry so it was time to pack for me. For real.
I wasn't sure if I had any clothes from which to pack as I have still not shed baby weight and cannot fit into my favorite summer peices. Boooo! (One day! One day!!!)
But I "shopped my own closet" and I shopped it hard. This is some of what I came up with.

1) Me trying out the "Jaded" polish from Revlon.

2) Rad belt from a dollar store in Duncan. Real leather! $3

3) Best necklace for on the plane: no metal! Just twine and wooden beads, not sure where and when I picked up this beauty.

4) Black and white maxi from Macy's; slip is vintage; aviators and 2-tier necklace from American Eagle; braided leather belt from Ardene's; white sandal, Joe.

5) Chandelier necklace: Wal*Mart

6) Teal flowered sundress, Forever 21 online (Canada); purple tank top (so I can wear a real bra) Old Navy online (Canada); wide-brimmed sun hat, Wal*Mart; brown braided-arm sunglasses, American Eagle; sandals, a gift brought back from Cuba.

7) Beautiful shoes from BCBC Max Azria. Gorge, right? I saw them at a side-walk sale 2 summers ago and a friend said they were "So Roxanne." Are they? I dunno but I do like them and they will go perfectly with my...

8) Bapistim Outfit (my youngest, Jack, is being baptised in Saskatoon): dress, Jones New York; necklace, my Oma's; belt, Costa Blanca.

9) This is a version of what I will be wearing on the plane. Jacket (great tomato-red colour!) Vero Moda, shirt also Vero Moda (both from The Bay); shorts, Costco (go Lady Hathaway); yellow tank, American Eagle; braided belt, Ardene; shoes, Wal*Mart.

10) Light Beige cotton dress, Ricki's; tights, Charlotte Russe; belt, scavanged from an old skirt; tank, Joe; necklace (really a belt), and from some mall "hippy" store; shoes, Ardene.

I can't wait!



  1. Love the black and white maxi- I'm a massive Macy's fan!xx

  2. Loved that you shopped your own closet!!!