Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shoesy Shoes Shoes!

Here are some of my favorite spring/summer shoes. It was 19 degrees here on the Island today and I was definitly feeling the heat--in a good way.
I'm a "navy and neutrals" loving virgo so I play it safe with my shoes--always going for neutral colours and natural looking fabrics. I also don't have a lot of moola to throw around so my shoes have to go with everything from jeans to skirts. There is some military inspiration coming through in the sandal with a bit of canvas and "leather" as well as a choice of the very-popular-this-season espadrille. Hope you enjoy!
The first 4 shoes are from Forever 21 Online Canada
The next pair can be found at Shoe Warehouse. I tried it on today and it looks white in the picture but (sadly?) it matched my skin tone kinda well and was a soft grey. It was nice and elongated the leg. I didn't buy them today as I was in between sizes and they didn't have mine in stock. Boooo!
The last 5 are from Charlotte Russe online
Happy Stepping,

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