Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Fun Nail Polishes

Here are some of my favorite summer polishes in no particular order. Most are from the Spring/Summer 2011 line of their respective companies but some are just good old stand-bys that look cute every year. Most are ones that I actually wear, or just wish I could (Chanel nail polish? Cute, but I'd rather buy a rad t-shirt for that money.)
1) I'm actually wearing this one today. It's too cute! It's called "Jaded" by Revlon.
2) "OPI Red" by OPI (duh!). It's classic red and looks great on toes for more formal settings. (Summer wedding? Work?)
3) "Bubble Bath" by OPI. It's another classic and, again, is not distracting at more formal affairs.
4) "No Room for the Blues" by OPI. Just a fun blue for toes or hands. So summer. And there is a very similar one at the dollar store by their Billie line. What's not to love?
5) "Meet Me at Sunset" is in Essie's much talked-about Brazilliant Collection for summer 2011. It's super fun and I just love orange on my sandy toes.
6) "Flip Flop Fantasy" by China Glaze is not done justice in this picture. It's an amazing neon that looks ridonculous with a tan! Ridonculous! It goes on mat and needs a glossy top-coat for that reason but your hands or toes (or both?!) will never look so summery!
7) Chanel's "Mimosa" is very popular this season and I'm sure you can see why. It's adorable! If you don't want to spend $28+ on the shade, find a reasonable facsimile from a more reasonably priced line. If you find one, let me know in comments section. Thanks!
8) "Absolutely Shore" is kind of like the Revlon "Jaded" but paler and softer. Very cute for hands.
These are what I'm wearing. What are your summer polish faves?

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