Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little skirt, I love you.

I have an inkling that I could pull off a little a-line skirt if I paired it with some clunky heels and opaque black tights.  Here are some other sisters making the little skirt rock in their own special ways.
Zooey Deschannel (on set of New Girl) proving that us pear-shaped sisters can make the little skirt work.
Helena from Brooklyn Blonde making leather look cutesy and pleating look cute.

I love how Kirstin from Doll Parade styled this geek chic.  She therefore added bulk to upper half which would balance out my lower half...hmmmm...

Keiko Lynn always makes everythign the cutest ever.  I mean...
Julietta from Maffashion rocking this wispy black number.
Here's some colour!  Manrepeller making a flowered, pleated skirt so damn hot.  Man repelling?  Me think not!
And this one from Pumps and Kicks is just adorable and in one of my most favorite colours!

So can I wear one?  We shall see...

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