Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things I love, Things I'm doing...

Here is a mish mash of some things that have been going on around here the part few weeks.  And, as always, the things that make me smile.
Trolling fashion websites, drinking coffee out of my favorite mug, and eating the FOOD OF THE GODS (cinnamon toast: margarine, brown sugar, cinnamon. throw in microwave, spread on toast. enjoy!)  Could a morning get any better?
Beautiful hand-made wooden brushes from Greenbarn Gallery.  (Hair not included)
My adorable Zara clutch.  I cannot get enough of this thing!  Even men notice and love it!
Our Thanksgiving Crafts.  We made them into headpieces.  Turkey Lurkeys!
I know it's pure poison, but I love Crystal Light's Raspberry Ice.  I will drink this whole jug in a day.
A beautiful wooden cutting board made for us by my Opa.  And some delish pizza for little mouths.
My vices.  Since I have been running, I have been starving.  Here is me (again trolling fashion sites) and ingesting pure garbage (Crystal Light and Cheezies).  That should fuel me for the day, right?
 Our Halloween shelf.  Pretty awesome, right?
I made this wreath.  How cute?
My new makeup table! Last weekend my mom-in-law found this amazing deal on desks from an antique store.  I got this one for $60! (White mirrors from Dollarama)
Some storage space underneath for extra makeup and jewelry I am not immediately wearing.  (Boxes on left from Dollarama, middle wood box made by my Opa, big wood box from Green Barn Gallery).
The details.  All my necessities right at hand.
 A close-up of my jewelry.  I switch the earrings out for different ones (from aforementioned jewelry boxes) on the regular to "keep it fresh."  Giraffe bought in Murano by my Oma when we went there in my last year of highschool.
Everything kept tidy in milk glass and vases from Value Village.
 The Eiffel Tower keeps my bracelets organized.
My inspiration board and also a place from which to hang my necklaces (metallic board from Ikea, round magnets from Staples).
My new framed photo of the Eiffel Tower taken by a friend of a friend who had this as their actual view.  Amazing.  It's like I'm waking up in Paris every morning.

Enjoy ma petites!

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