Monday, October 29, 2012

Outfit Inspo from Lookbook

On there is lots of amazing outfits to see.  Some beautiful, some daring, some colourful, some dark, some 90s inspired, some Victorian.  All pretty amazing.
Here are some of my favorites from today's feed:
Love the black pants and ridiculous sweater with a plain button-up underneath.  Cute and totally doable.  (Plus: statement necklace? Sold?)
As I am loving my new loafers I am looking for any way to wear them.  I like these cropped and cuffed jeans and a beautiful black chunky knit.
I'm not sure if I could pull off pants like these but I love the idea of them.  And the colour of this sweater and earrings with her skin tone is making me cry.  In a good way.
Totally easy look with chic, easy pieces.  Denim button up, black tank, black pants, hat, statement necklace.  I'd probably make my hat a toque of some sort and of course I any excuse to wear turquoise...
I just love cropped denim with pointy little heels.  I have a pair of black patent ones that would look great with a look like this.  And the little jacket with the big scarf in those gorgeous fall colours is just to die.
What are your favorites from (and don't forget to take a look at everyone's Halloween Costumes that they are posting.  Who knew costumes could be so chic?

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