Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tough Black Leather

So, I'm looking (or at least dreaming) for a tough black leather jacket.  I have a brown one that is nice but I think a black moto style one just says something completely different and can be so incredibly modern while still being totally classic.  Ya know?
I was browsing on today and here are some beauties that I found:
I think this one gets points in the "toughness" catagory but the hood comes with and I think I might get sick of that.  The hood IS detachable though and at $199 this is kind of a steal.
This one is the shit.  It'd made for a woman's body, it has that toughass zipper at the top, the leather is top-quality.  Downside?  $599.  Ouch.
Another toughie.  Totally motorcycle like with the quilting and all the zippers.  Definitely a tough contender in this match.
This is the first one I picked out, probably because it's safe and this collars look good on me. But it's a little too "literary major" and not near enough balls-out badass.

I put this one in for fun. I love it.  But, it's not exactly timeless.

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