Friday, October 5, 2012

One of the boys...

I love girls dressing as boys. Or boyish. I think it's so cute, effortless, chic and doable in daily life  Instead of traipsing around in high heels and froufrou accessories that "keep you boring" as you are unable to do much in them, why NOT borrow from the boys and pick chic pieces that are easy to move, do and play in?  Above shot from Colorelle.
Elin Kling always making all the right moves.
Cat Power always looking tough, feminine and effortless.  How does she do it?
 I love love love these highwaisted wideleg pants.  They would look terrible on me but they look so great on her.  Photo courtesy of the Sartorialist.
This is such a good outfit that does so much for this gals body.  This is a Beatles fan getting escorted off the tarmac at one of the groups appearances (flying into an airport).  Photo from the awesome blog Tomboy Style.
How badass is this?  Casey always knows how to rock a menswear inspired look.  I think I know what to do with my new waxed black pants!

It's a bad man's world, I just live (and try to look good) in it.

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