Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kids Room

Enjoying the finsihed product! Crib set from Babylicious, baby clothes by Zutano.
Bed from Ikea, sheets (Sleeping Beauty) ordered on eBay, comforter from Korea (commisioned), white throw from Ikea and fluffy white pillows from nood.
Thrifted change table that I had Green Barn Gallery re-finish. Baby: my very own DIY project! And what a great way to store our much-needed bibs: right at hand!
Organization bins from Dollar Store adn hanging organziers from Ikea.
Picture was a gift from grandparents and butterfly from Coombs Country Market.
Flowers from Kotini, Princess frame from Disney store, other frames were thrifted. This is one of the dressers from Green Barn Gallery . Oh and awesome luggage from Heys. Now we need to get Jack one!
Betty Boop picture from Daily Planet in Duncan. Butterflies from Kotini (also in Duncan).
Frame from Black's Photography. Collage by Ava.
Bird decals from Army and Navy.
Crib is Stork Craft Ariel Stages from Sears (thanks dad and Lori!)
Hello all! I've been busy:
We live in a 2 bedroom condo so space is limited and I am CONSTANTLY rearranging furniture.
Yesterday, my mom came over and we finally set up my 7 month old's crib (he has been in a cradle and travel play pen in our room).
So now, him and his sister are sharing a room and I had to make all their toys, clothes, furniture and "ambiance" work. I hope I succeeded.

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