Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What My Kids Eat

Now that both my kids are eating food. Well, the 3 year old has been eating real food for a while but my little guy has been on solids for about 2 months, food around our house is scarce and somewhat stressful. What are the kids going to eat?
Like any good kid, my toddler loves "junk" and like any good mom, sometimes I find it's just plain easier to give it to her. But, I do also love love love serving healthy options. And I love when they enjoy things that I love.
Here are some snack I've served recently. The cheesies in the one pic were for my toddler and the healthy stuff was to make me happy. We ate this with grilled cheeses on a Sunday night after we had just finished driving 2+ hours home from a weekend with the in-laws. Mommy wasn't in the mood to cook.

The second was from breakfast this morning. My daughter may have her father's pallete (prefering salty over sweet) but she still digs my side of the family's fav breakfast : cheese and jam on toast. She likes it because the jam makes the cheese stick. Hey, I'll take it.

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