Friday, April 8, 2011

The Perfect Snack

I just finished reading A Year in Provence by Richard Mayle. It is a glorious read and through him (ex-patriot Brit) we learn the joys of Provencal French cuisine and way of life. It inspired me to write about one of my yummy favorites to eat.
My delicious snack/lunch came to me today at 10:45. I have to grab food while the baby is sleeping so I never quite know when that will be. And since we will be going to Whales Tales this afternoon I wanted to make sure I was fortified for the journey.

My mom has recently lost a bunch of weight in the past month and a bit (20+ lbs! Go mom!) and she did it through regular workouts at Curves and watching what she eats (not really counting calories...but kind of).

She is the one who introduced me to the glories of Wasa bread and with the addtion of low-fat herb & garlic cream cheese, sliced dill pickles, avocado, tomato and a sprinkle of pepper I have created a delicious treat.

The whole glorious gourmet moment makes me think of Adam Sandler's amazing sandwich in the movie Spanglish. The one he doesn't get to enjoy because of his kids, etc. Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

And what could be better than a sweaty bottle of San Pelly? I read in a magazine that Gwyneth's favorite trainer/friend Tracy Anderson always carries a bottle with her as she hates regular water and has a big appetite. This way she gets her 8 cups and curbs her appetite. It just makes me feel fancy!
Speaking of fancy, aren't my R table by Rosanna plates amazing. They have little cupcakes on them and say things like "sweet cake" and "doll cake" and most importantly they don't get brittle in the dishwasher. Hear that IKEA?
Bon Appetite!

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