Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Taste of Vancouver

Our clan packed up and shipped ourselves off to Vancouver to visit Dallas' mom and to see the sights. We thought we would do a bunch of educational and interesting stuff (Aquarium, Science World...) but Ava was sick so we went to restaurants and the movies. Just as well.
Top picture is Ava demonstrating her own special headdress to represent her Island heritage.
Next pic is an amazing visual representation of impending summer. Doesn't it make your heart skip a beat?
3rd pic is the delicious new Korean appy wraps at Cactus Club. Totally worth getting!
4th pic is the curry fries at New York Fries. We just had to try them. Not that great. They have better ones at fry trucks and The Dog House Restaurant in Duncan.
5th pic is from Potter's Garden Korean Restaurant in Vancouver. It was the Kimchi, vegetables and potatoes that came with our meals. I love all the little tapas type things that come with Korean food.
6th pic is Dallas' Bulgogi. It's served in a hot-ass dish and it continues cooking at your table. Delish!
7th pic is the vegetable pancake that everyone shared. Pancake? Need I say more?
Not pictured: The Bipimbap that Charlene (my mother in law) and I shared. Also served in fired dish so the rice gets all crispy. Yummers!
We all ate for under $35. Go Potter's Garden!

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