Monday, April 18, 2011

Ground Control to MAJOR Turquoise!

Can I just say how happy I am that turquoise is having a major fashion moment right now?
I love turquoise, I look great in turquoise, I feel it goes with everything and I always gravitate towards it in any jewelry store (be it real or fake).

The shot on the left is from the great blog Atlantis Home. They are actually selling the peices through their online store Atlantis Dry Goods (as well as some pretty amazing shoes) for a GREAT price. Check it out!

Atlantis Home and Atlantis Dry Goods are sister sites to another blog called Sea of Shoes (collage pic). If you are in any way interested in vintage fashion, or fashion at all, you must add Sea of Shoes to your favorites list. This girl (Jane Aldridge) is AH-MAY-ZING!

Another great turquoise moment happened on What I Wore this week (girl in skirt pic). How great does this outfit look? Loving! Denim and turquoise forever!

Speaking of whick-how gorgoeous is this month's Marie Claire spread (featured here on Denimology). I cut it all out of my subscription for my inspiration journal. It excites me so much to look at! It inspired this post and the dynomite jewelry that I wore to Ava's ballet class today (top picture-sorry about the quality). Totally rocked the waiting room! Take that stay-at-home moms!

Bisous, Roxanne

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