Monday, March 5, 2012

Beauty in Mexico

Easy peezy lemon squeezy!  That's the name of the game for my Mexican beauty routine.  I don't want to bring a bunch of stuff that I won't use or wreck the stuff I really like in travelling.  So, I think with this beauty arsenal I should be set to luxuriate on my week off.  Because, really, the easier the better when on vacation.
Something easy and something packable, these wipes take all the thinking out of taking your face off and it ensures I will actually DO it and not get lazy.
I also like a face wash in the shower to really take it all off.  I keep a big bottle of Cetaphil in my shower at home, so why not bring a travel-size version with me on vacation.  The travel-size ones are available at Wal-Mart and are cheap and easy.
I'm not skimping on my moisturization or on my SPF for this Dermalogica Dyanamic Skin Recovery moisturizer is exactly what I need.  And, seriously, my face looks and feels amazing afterwards.
I'm also not messing around with nail polish and remover and all that jazz.  For a week?! No way.  Shellac mani/pedis for all and in this gorgeous and on-trend deep orange colour called Tropix, it's meant to be.
My hair is going to be taking a beating with all the sand, sun, surf and chlorine so my Joico K-Pak Reconstructor conditioner is a must.  I have an empty hand cream pump that is small enough for travel but big enough to last me the week.
And with my hair being watered down by the waves all day, maybe I can get away with not washing it all the time?  In that case, better spray in some of this awesome OSiS dry shampoo to make it smell nice and look less greasy.

The above two looks are what I am going for.  The first is from Prabal Garung's Fall runway and the second is the lovely Alexis Bledel in an orangey-red statement lip.  I am loving the mascara's eye, dewey complexion and vibrant lip right now and I think it will work great on vacation.
So that I don't have to worry about my expensive powder blushes breaking or looking "over-done" on my skin, I will be taking my Joe cream blush in "Bloom" and...
 my Tarte cheek stain in tipsy to create my dewey/sun kissed cheek looks.
I do not need to have racoon eyes while in and out of the water or have to worry about getting all of my mascara off at the end of the night so I will be taking a Kiss Me tubes mascara with me.  If the water does hit my face, the mascara will just tube off and not run down my face...score!
 My Revlon Lip Butters to create my statement lips?  No brainer.  I have a ton of fun colours, they are nourishing to lips, easy to put on, look great.  I can't say enough about them.
I will be bringing some kind of BB cream with me.  The two I have now do not have an SPF so I am thinking of picking up this Clinique one with SPF.
 I love an aerosol sunblock.  That is all.
And of course,  fun little antibacterial gels are awesome to bring with you on the fly.  The Bath and Body Works ones are always really cute and you can get them in some delicious scents.  Yum!

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