Monday, March 12, 2012

A Few of Ava's Favorite Things...

I thought I would add some of Ava's favourite things right now as she is my daughter, I love her, and I love all the things she loves too!
Number 1 Ava Rule: always bring a notebook.  You never know when you might need one to sketch, take note, practice your letters or you signature.

 The above 3 shots are of Ava's dresser.  She keeps an ever evolving and revolving number of toys up there so that they A) are away from Jack's prying fingers and B) are just plain fun to look at and move around and pose and talk to and make up stories about and...
Ava loves to get cards from her family all over Canada (and the world!) so we took a piece of ribbon and hung it over now of the windows in her room so we can look at them for weeks and remember the thoughtfulness of all the loves in our life.
 Ava loves getting mail (as previously stated) and she especially loves that now she has her own magazine subscription.  The magazine is really cute for kids and we got the prescription though QSP at her school and so we are raising money for her school at the same time as we are enjoying getting mail and learning about cool things.
Ava loves her own makeup!  I love my makeup stuff too and am always playing around with it and applying it and carting it around so this little vinyl Barbie cosmetics case (with cosmetics!!) of Christmas she was over the moon.  Now she has a place to stash her mini anti-bacterial hand gels and Hello Kitty lip glosses that she begs me for whenever we go out.
We all love to put on music and dance around.  It's usually Rihanna or Sharon, Lois and Bram but recently we have been putting together a mix for our trip to Mexico and, of course, we had to put on some Bob Marley tracks or relaxing by the pool. Ava has taken a shine to Stir It Up.  I mean, who hasn't?

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