Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sartorialist

I've talked about my love for this site before in one of my postings about favourite blogs but I think it deserves it's own posting.
The Sartorialist.
Capturing street style from all over the world (but, of course, mostly New York, Paris and Milan) I really love photographer Scott Schuman's eye for fashion and for photography and the pictures make me see the world more romantically and other-worldy.
If you need more of that in your life, please check this site out.  If it's not already, it will make it to your Favorites list.
Here are some of my favourite looks from recent posts:
This blonde is just working the sexy right into this plain, white tee.
From a Burberry show.  I love everything Burberry does.  Suits my style perfectly.  And this look?  Love!
Scott is always shooting outside of fashion shows.  How great is this one?  The sweet of that pinky purple....yum.
This photo was taken in Paris and it just reminds me totally of my time there.  I love this look as well as it is fashionable and sweet without having to be sexy and overt.  And that bag is great.

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