Sunday, March 4, 2012

Packing for Mexico

I know it's over a month away but...I just have to start thinking about what I'm going to bring on my week-long sojourn to Puerto Vallarta.

I am a horrible over-packer so if I don't start whittling it down now, I'll be shoving tank tops and flip slops into the front of the kids luggage as we head out the door.  And then I'll be pissed I packed so much and have no room for any shopping and end up wearing the same cotton dress the whole time anyway.   I obviously know from experience.

So here are some things I am thinking.  I DO NOT have money to buy anything new so I am shopping my closet, which is great because I still have fun summer stuff/stuff I bought last year to go to Hawaii.  Anyway, here are my thoughts.
On the Plane:
It's cold as blue-blazes here but I'll be damned if I pack a huge parka to haul around and not use the whole week.
My Roxy sweatshirt can be tossed on at night.
 My Kensie boyfriend blazer is nice and light for evenings out.
And it's always good to pack one pair of pants on a trip (even a hot one) and jeans are just...perfect.  The Mossimo ones from Target (fit #3/skinny) are just so comfy for the plane ride and otherwise!
For there:
I have a pair of coral Jimmy Choo knock-off ballet flats that are just so much chic-er than sandals (and don't have the dread "flap-flap" of thongs).
Black, well-fitted bermuda shorts: a must.  Mine are from Jones New York; the material never loses shape or fades and they are long enough that I'm not sticking to every seat.  Perfection.
And to go with it, a fun and flirty tank top.  Mine is like the one above from Roxy but is last years model and much prettier in my opinion.  Deep corals and turquoises that will just scream: Mexico!
And the item that got me thinking of my whole clothing palette: my beloved retro-fit black bathing suit.  I will buy and bring a ton of other suits and styles but I always want to throw this one on.  So classic, you just can't argue with it.
For Christmas I got my chanel knock-off purse in beige/cream and haven't been able to bring it out in Ontario yet because I might lose it in a blizzard!  Thought I'd take it for a test-drive in PV.
To add a vibrant splash of colour without packing a bunch of heavy/expensive pieces, I'm keeping my jewelry to vibrant key-pieces like these dangly fuchsia Forever 21 feather earrings.
 If I'm going out, I'll throw on my comfy Shoe Warehouse platforms and be done with it.  I would love a pair of colour block "flatforms" for the trip but I'm not supposed to be spending money....
 My trusty black maxi dress, where would I be without thee? I throw it over my bathing suit to head to the beach or down to the pool as a cover up, you can throw it back on to go have an indoor lunch and then dress it up to go out at night.  Maximum packing potential, or what?
And my carry-on/beach bag will be my red Longchamp-esque bag I got free for subscribing to Elle magazine a few years ago.

I actually feel much calmer now that I have that all settled. Ahhhh...  Mojito anyone?

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