Friday, March 30, 2012

Here are some of the things I am loving from J. Crew:

I'm a pear-shaped lass so I think these beautiful structured 50s-esque day dresses would be so totally cute.  And just because the shape is "ordinary" doesn't mean the print and finishings have to be.  Polka dots and eyelits?  A well-placed braided belt and some leg-elongating nude flats?  Thats I can work with!
Speaking of flats, there assortment of ballets is mind boggling and beautiful.  These on-trend braided numbers are finished in Italy and come in 3 colours.  I think these could go with everything!
OMG this trunk!  I love it.  The colour, the shape, the statement it would mak at the airport and hotel.  Love!
This necklace is just gorge.  Comes in other awesome colours but I always gravitate to turquoise.  I first saw another blogger talking about it here.  Apparently she found it cheaper.  Something to think about...?
 How great would this bracelet looked staked with a rose gold watch and some other little peices?
A beautiful, braided leather belt.  Every wardrobe needs one!  And to casualize and cinch in my dresses it would be fab.


Keep your eyes peeled for my "What I'm ACTUALLY packing to Mexico" post.

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