Friday, March 9, 2012

Making Me Smile

I have done lots of list of things I love and raves about beauty products I like, and I think it goes without saying that anything I put on this blog is something that I whole-hearedly endorse but I have never been so compelled to make a list until now.
I feel I owe it to you all, and even myself, to make a list of things that make me smile.  It's so important to me to make these lists so I can stay true to myself in this life I lead where I am bombarded with imagery and information all day, everyday.  It often makes me ask myself, What do I like?  What makes me happy?  Well, here are a few of those things.  Hope they can bring a smile to your face too. :)

I have a hell of a time finding pants I like.  I'm hippy, a little saddle-baggy and thick legged.  (Hey, I know my weaknesses!) So when I find pair of pants that work I want to sing it from the rooftops.  These Gap Really Skinny black pants are my lord and saviour and I have 2 pairs and if I ever don't have them in my life, I would have to run around naked (at least half the week).

My Volcom Space Rocker Hoodie is so cute and so comfy that it makes me smile just seeing it hung in my closet.  I mean look at the friggin thing!!  Pompoms, people, pompoms!  
 Here's a picture of me canoodling Jack in my hoodie.  Lovebirds!
The Bulk Barn has a little slice of heaven right there in one of it's bins.  They are called chocolate peanut butter pretzels and they are the best thing you will ever inject.  Salty and sweet, crunch and soft.  Soooo good.
 My Ikea makeup organizer.  Best thing ever.  It's so clean and lucite and so jam packed yet organized.  It's like a metaphor for what my life should be: transparently amazing and packed with the best things.
 Bath and Body Works rubber duckies.  They are so cute.  They have flowers on them or polka dots or whatever and they are big and they look so cute and they are awesome.  I feel like a little girl.  But in all honesty, the best thing about them is that they are sealed shut and watertight so they don't go mouldy inside.
 My Sorel boots.  Where would I be without you?  In rural Ontario hell, that's where!

I feel so totally cute taking Jack to the end of our driveway to pick up Ava from the bus with this bad boy.  I mean, c'mon!  We even have little sleighs to put on instead of the wheels when it snows. Awww...
I am thankful everyday that this rose gold Walmart watch is in my life.  So adorable, functional, amazing and attention-getting.  Love it like butter!, one of the BEST fashion blogs ever.  People put up their own pictures of their looks and then you can track them back to their own blogs and you can look at other looks they've posted on the site and you can vote on your favourites...and it's all around amazing.  These people are so stylish you can't help but be inspired.

Hope I inspired you too!

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